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We are dedicated to providing the highest quality care to our patients and the best possible service to our clients. Compassion comes first as we provide routine preventive medicine or knowledgeable diagnostic, surgical or medical treatments in our progressive hospital. We also provide quality care and companionship to pets in our luxury boarding facilities.

Preventive Medicine.
Regular veterinary exams are the cornerstone of good health. Combined with proper nutrition, exercise, prophylactic vaccinations and deworming, this approach can extend and enhance your pet’s life.

We use the safest vaccines with the greatest duration of immunity that are available. The immunization schedule is customized for each individual pet, giving you the assurance that your pet is protected.

Diagnostics/Medical Care.
Pets cannot communicate when they are feeling bad; some may even hide their symptoms. This makes diagnosis quite challenging. Physical examinations are the center of our investigations, supported by our in-house laboratory with immediately available results on CBC, Chemistry Panels, Electrolytes, Thyroid levels, urinalysis, X-rays, cytology and more. Once we determine the source of the problem, we use the latest and safest courses of treatment available.

Surgery/Dental Care.
Many procedures have become routine in our pets' lives. These include dental cleaning, mass removal, sterilization, cystotomy (bladder stone removal), preventive gastropexy (stomach tacking), foreign body removal, amputation, enucleation. Nevertheless, we still feel anxious leaving our loved ones for any length of time. Feel assured that we treat your pets like our own by offering pre-anesthetic blood work to check for any underlying diseases, IV catheters and fluids to prevent low blood pressure, and administering pain medication. After sedating your pet, a safe IV anesthetic allows us to place an endotracheal tube in the windpipe in order to administer a gas anesthetic. Your pet's condition is monitored with the latest equipment as well as by a qualified technician. Using a combination of safe drugs allows for a smooth, safe and rapid recovery so your pet can come home healthy and as soon as possible.

Laser Therapy.
The K-Laser increases circulation to help reduce inflammation and facilitate healing. Uses include, but are not limited to arthritis pain, lameness, back pain, hip dysplasia, wound healing (abscesses, lick granuloma's, lacerations), ear infections, ear hematoma's, and post-operative care (extractions, incisions, fractures).

Northwest Pet offers large, comfortable indoor/outdoor runs with full air-conditioning and heating. Your dog can choose where it wants to be; access to both areas is always available. Petite dogs can stay in cages indoors. All dogs are walked two to three times daily and soft bedding or a cot is provided. Our ultramodern Cat Condos are the latest in luxury; they can even ‘en suite’ to up to two rooms together! Purina EN is fed to all pets in the kennel. If you prefer, you may bring your pet’s special diet from home or supply special treats!

For an additional fee, we can also brush out or bathe your dog, either while boarding, or as a day procedure. All baths include nail trims, anal gland expression and ear cleaning.

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